Monday, May 18, 2009

ABC's Official Recap Redux

Reading through ABC's official recaps gives a little bit more info than I had before. What was previously a look turns into a "look of approval" or "an angry look."

As I am reading these I think that Widmore was not really in touch with Jacob either. I don't think a leader has been talking directly to Jacob for a long, long time. I think NotLocke has been manipulating the leaders to try to get to this outcome. NotLocke was the one who told Alpert to tell real Locke that he had to die. NotLocke was also the source of the info that the O6 had to come back to the island, most likely a ploy to get Locke off island so he could die and then be "resurrected."

I am also convinced that Silas is in cahoots with the smoke monster. Note that NotLocke and the smoke monster were conspicuously never in the same place. Nor have NotLocke and Christian been in the same place.

My new theory... The O6 were never supposed to come back. That information was all supplied by Silas. The thing that needed to be done to save the Losties was get the donkey wheel back on it's axis. I think the whole "we have to go back" thing was just to get Locke's dead body back.

So maybe Faraday was right and they don't belong there. But of course they are there and we know that whatever happened, happened. So either the things that happened there are "course correction," like Ben being saved by the Others, or this is always the way it happened.

This is all very confusing and I'm not totally able to organize it all yet. It's fairly clear that most of the events which culminated in these events were either manipulated by Jacob or Silas. It is not clear who is on which side or who was manipulated by who, or if some people were touched by both Jacob and Silas. It is also not clear what Jacob and Silas are fighting over, or whether history was changed, although I really have to believe that the past was not changed in any major way.

ABC's Official Recap

I just stumbled across this and there are a few interesting things. First of all ABC confirms that the statue is of Tawaret, the goddess of fertility. Some fans are arguing about the details of the statue.

The second thing is that they describe Jacob meeting everyone in the flashback's and point out how Jacob physically touched them. In the Sayid flashback they say Jacob reaches over "but does he touch Sayid's shoulder?"

This sort of indicates that maybe Jacob did not touch Sayid, which might play into how Sayid dies, or why Jacob needed Ilana to get Sayid on the plane.

In describing the scene between Not Locke and Jacob a couple interesting points are made. When Ben stabs him, "Jacob does nothing to defend himself and doesn't even seem surprised." After Jacob whispers to Not Locke he "looks up fearfully." I totally hadn't picked up that fearful look. Next they confirm that Jacob dies in the fire pit.

Finally they confirm that the bomb goes off. That part I was able to guess.

Without this recap to point out some minor details they would have slipped by me. I may have to read these official recaps for the whole season.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Incident - Afterthoughts

I'm not going to go through my liveblogging from last night and try to avoid duplicating thoughts... I still plan on rewatching the episode as soon as possible.

In the opening scene what jumps out is that Jacob is in white and Silas in black. This tends to make me believe that Jacob is good and Silas is evil. Also - in every scene where Jacob appeared in a flashback he noticeably touched the person. I think this will become important.

I think that Jacob and Silas are two demigods or something and they are fighting a long battle. Jacob thinks that people are good and Silas wants those stupid people to stay off his island because everytime they show up they fight and ruin things.

The two of them have rules for how they interact, so they have been subtly manipulating events to try to win their fight by proxy. Jacob obviously guided the lives of the Losties, maybe more than just by showing up at key times. Silas was maybe the smoke monster (still some problems with that theory) and was most likely Christian. He has been manipulating Ben and Locke to get them to the point where he can pretend to be Locke and trick Ben into killing Jacob.

The cabin with the line of ash... Richard seems to know that Jacob lived in the foot of the statue, not in the cabin, so it would appear that Ben is the only person who thought Jacob lived in the cabin. My guess is that someone or something else was trapped in the cabin and was allowed to escape by the broken line of ash. This is slightly foiled by the fact that Ilana went to the cabin first and found a "note" from Jacob. Regardless, it seems fairly consistent that someone kicked Jacob out of the cabin and took his place as evil Christian misguiding Locke and Ben.

Talk about long cons... These plans must have been laid out of 50 or more years, starting with real Locke in 1954, and culminating with fake Locke in 2007.

I'm not sure what these loopholes are, but I think that Jacob has another plan in place even after his death, and it ties into the Incident. I don't think anything major in time is going to be changed, but we may have some minor changes. Honestly I am completely clueless about what the Incident means and what it did or did not change. But somehow the 1977 crew are going to be pivotal in the final war against Silas.

Who's side is Widmore on? I think he is on Jacob's. There is a chance he was corrupted by Silas, but I think Widmore is less corrupted than Ben was. I think Ben was a test case between Jacob and Silas to see what happens if you totally screw someone over. Silas won that one. Widmore got screwed but I think he wanted real Locke to be alive.

Ben is the bad guy, but he meant well. He's like a child... He did what he was told, he was promised a piece of candy, he did what he was told, he didn't get his candy and he throws a huge tantrum and breaks the good china. I'm still not sure what is up with Widmore. Maybe Silas is playing all of the Others and the Losties are Jacob's new pawns. Maybe the Others were corrupted by the island like Silas said and Jacob needed to bring in fresh blood.

I need to stop thinking about this or I'm going to drive myself nuts over the next 7 to 8 months.

ONE LAST THOUGHT - Maybe Widmore was plotting with Silas and the freighter was part of the plot to manipulate things to Silas's end game which we saw last night. I can't see Keamy ever being associated with anyone good.

First Thoughts on the Incident

Some thoughts, then I go to bed.

If the bomb went off at the end it didn't change anything. It caused the incident and sends the Losties back to the future. The nuclear energy somehow interacts with the electromagnetism and they cancel each other out or something so the island doesn't blow up. You can't change the past.

I am very confused as to who is on who's side. We have Jacob and Silas, who are obviously in a long running feud. Silas doesn't seem to be able to kill Jacob directly, which is why he manipulated Ben.

What Richard said lies in the shadow of the statue is latin for "he who will save us all," which is most likely Jacob. Ben and Widmore also seem to be following some sort of rules. Undead Locke was really Silas.

On team Jacob he have Richard, Ilana, Bram and the Shadow of the Statue people, real live Locke. Most likely Widmore and Eloise and all of the Others.

On team Silas we have... Silas, apparently smokey, and... Who else?

Still not yet assigned are Christian, the Losties (although based on the flashbacks I assume they are on team Jacob), who else?

Christian told Locke how to hide the island from the freighter. We assumed that Widmore was the bad guy because Ben and Richard seemed to be opposed to his landing on the island. Based on new evidence it seems that Widmore was really just a little minor annoyance compared to Silas. Why go through all of the crap to hide the island from someone who is a good guy? Unless Silas converted Widmore? Or was Silas manipulating Locke and Ben to prevent Widmore from finding the island? If Widmore was a good guy why would he hire a psychopath like Keamy to kill everyone on the island? If Widmore was a bad guy why would Eloise be so civil with him outside the hospital? Why would he help Locke to try to stay alive? Why did Bram say that Miles was playing for the wrong team when he was trying to work for Widmore if Widmore was still aligned with Jacob? Did Silas corrupt Widmore when Widmore left the island? Tempt him with a return and power and all of that? That seems like a likely scenario.

I think Silas is the bad guy, he has been subtly manipulating events. After Ben lost touch with Jacob he started manipulating Ben... But with Jacob still in touch with Richard one would think that Jacob would let Richard know that Ben was a bad guy. Silas must have manipulated things to make Locke seem like a likely leader, even though Richard said that Locke was never special (duh!). But why would Jacob not be aware of this? Or was he aware and trying to fight back in the only way he knew how, by manipulating events so that things work out.

The one thing I am convinced of right now is that Jacob is good and Silas is bad. Silas thought that the people on the boat would screw things up like they always do, Jacob thought that there was hope. What was this loophole they kept referencing? Who are these people? What is going on? Why must I wait until 2010 to find out? Yesterday I accidentally dated a check with 5/12/08... 2010 is so far away.

The Incident Live Part 3

Jacob is awesome! I don't know why anyone would ever want to kill Jacob!

On the other hand I have never disliked Jack so much. Right now he has nothing on Locke in terms of leadership skills and decision making, and that's saying quite a lot as Locke doesn't have much on my cat in terms of leadership skills. He is a really smart cat, but he could totally whoop Locke in a battle of wits.

I can't believe I didn't think of it before! Since Ben has never seen or met Jacob Ben was never really speaking for Jacob. The Others have drifted from Jacob and the Island and the Shadow people are supposed to restore things. Which leaves the question of who is telling Locke what to do and who evil Christian Shephard is really speaking for... Or is Jacob really orchestrating the whole thing? Is Jacob using Locke to wrest control away from the Others who have become corrupted? New theory!

As usual Miles is the voice of reason. I love Miles.

Well either the bomb did nothing or it caused the incident. And bye bye to my favorite female. Why couldn't it have been Kate instead? Why!!!!

OMFG! First of all what does lie in the shadow of the statue? I don't speak that language! Secondly I was right! Locke is not Locke, he's an evil manifestation of something! Eeeeviiill!!!! He is Silas!

Ben is going to kill Jacob because he's a pissed off little bastard! And he does it! Evil Locke/Silas wins... And Juliet sets up the bomb. All your bass are belong to her.

Holy shit, what does it all mean? Who is coming? What was the incident? What happens now that Jacob is dead? Does Silas take over? Do the Others and the Shadow people kill him? Locke never really was special! 6 months until I get some answers! What happens to the people in 1977? I thought the sky would turn purple and they would get sent back to 2008! Why couldn't Silas kill Jacob himself? Jacob was such a nice guy... He will be missed.

The Incident Live Part 2

Vincent! And Rose and Bernard! Triple holy crap! Rose and Bernard are awesome! Adam and Eve?

My new theory... The Shadow of the Statue people are with the guy that wanted to kill Jacob in the beginning. If Jacob is the leader of the Others they are against the Others. I think my predictions of Widmore and Ben ending up on the same side are going to end up being correct.

OMG! My theory from two minutes ago was just thrown out the window! Ilana and Jacob are working together! Who are the bad guys then? Is it Locke and the Others who have been corrupted and turned against Jacob? Or is Jacob really the bad guy? My money is on Jacob. Locke is a dumbass. He's the kind of guy who would join with the forces of evil because he thought it would make him a cool kid.

My new theory... There are multiple spirits/forces like Jacob on the island. Silas is one of them. They are fighting amongst each other for control of the island. The mortals are not quite smart enough to figure out which ones speak for the island, if the island even needs to be spoken for. Undead Christian Shephard is evil!

Jacob helped Locke after he fell out of the window! Who is on who's side?

Maybe I should stop writing my thoughts after every scene and just post if I think of something really important. My theories are debunked every 30 seconds.

Three hour delay for the West Coast, maybe one more post halfway through part 2 of the finale, and then a brief thoughts afterwards and more detail tomorrow!

The Incident Live

Holy crap! I rewound that first scene four times. I was wrong about Jacob aging, I don't know who that other guy was but I'm guessing that he and Jacob fought over the island and it's pretty clear who won.

The statue was still standing as recently as the 1800s, which means it must have been destroyed by people in sailing ships. The other old dude said they come, they fight, they get corrupted... My guess is that cycle has been repeating for hundreds if not thousands of years. Dharma, the Others, they all came with good intentions but ended up corrupted and bad.

I still have no idea what's in the shadow of the statue box but Frank's reaction was awesome. Or terrific. I'm going to delay this post by three hours so as not to spoil anyone on the west coast. If you are in Hawaii you are on your own.

This episode is awesome so far!